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Together we regenerate what we consume on the Arhuaco LANDS in COLOMBIA 

soccer fields of cacao forest are being preserved

seedlings were grown in local nurseries

Farmer families received organic certification

Of additional income for local partners have been generated

Your tree grows here

Area: Ancestral lands of the Arhuaco people, Sierra Nevada National Park
The forest: Old-growth cacao forests the size of 536.200 soccer fields
Rare wildlife: Green sea turtles, pumas, deer, quetzal, woodnymphs, parakeets, harlequin frogs
Original bean: Select tribal, Businchari criollo cacao
Your growers: 204 families in 6 Arhauco indiginous communities


Updated: April 2022

Spring 2021

A new processing center for fermentation and drying of cacao is being built in Galaxia at the Rio Fundacion river. The center enables the process of cacao in this region and improves the quality of graded cacao beans.

Winter 2021

Hernan, leader of the Arhuaco cacao project, rescues several rare heirloom Bunsi cacaos in the rainforests of the Sierra Nevada on a 3 day field trip.

Summer 2021

50 new families in remote villages on the Rio Fundacion river are included in the organic certification process.

Spring 2021

Together with the high school in Bunkwimake, our Bean Team raised and planted 700 seedlings of native trees.

Spring 2021

Together with the high school in Bunkwimake, our Bean Team raised and planted 700 seedlings of native trees.

Winter 2020

Our partners distributed cacao seedlings from the nursery in Katanzama to over 20 cacao farming families.

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First beleaguered by conquistadores, then by the cocaine trade, now by mining companies, the ancestral lands of the Arhuaco people is the most irreplaceable nature reserve according to a 2013 landmark analysis of every protected area on the planet.

In partnership with the Arhuaco tribal council we preserve the acutely rare Bunsinchari cacao and its rainforest home. Together, we empower the Arhuaco tribe to make a better living with ultra-premium and forest-friendly cacao, while protecting one of the rarest places on our Earth.


“If we destroy the Sierra Nevada, we destroy the lungs of our world. And without breath, we won't survive."

Rogelio Mejia

“We are the original custodians of this cacao. It plays a vital role for our identity and spiritual beliefs.”

Mamo Kamili,
Spiritual leader of the Arhuacos

PARTNERs in Sierra Nevada (Arhuaco Ancestral Lands)


Heights of sweet spices, liquorice and sesame rise gently in this select tribal cacao made according to ancient Arhuaco tribal traditions that are designed to maintain the world’s natural harmony.